• By Karen Malkin Lazarovitz
  • Posted September 21, 2017

How I Lost My Lady Parts But Gained So Much More

My story begins more than 9 years ago, when my father called me to say was having genetic testing. His cousin had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a known BRCA mutation. Many people I’ve spoken with have no idea that they can inherit this from their father, but I did. It is vitally important to meet with a genetic counselor before …

  • By Kim Price
  • Posted September 18, 2017

Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer- What you Need to Know

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition® has been supporting the women, families, and caregivers affected by ovarian cancer for more than 25 years.  With 1 in 75 women being diagnosed with the disease, the NOCC is especially focused during the month of September on bringing earlier awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease to women throughout …

  • By Cynthia Rigali Lund
  • Posted September 18, 2017

Life After Chemotherapy and Surgery for Ovarian Cancer

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a wonderful way to encourage women to create a deeper consciousness about their bodies. As I approach my five-year survivor date—the closest marker we have to saying “cured,”  I can say with deepest gratitude how much I appreciate my body and all that it does for me, as well as how much …

  • By Tiffany Au
  • Posted September 6, 2017

Why we Believe in the Power of Patient Voices

At Ambry Genetics, we appreciate our collective tribe of scientists, researchers, and academics who focus on uncovering the ‘how’s and ‘what’s in the world of genetics. However, we also strongly believe that the community within our industry, and their stories, are the why behind what we do. Whether you are a patient, healthcare provider, …

  • By Randalynn Vasel
  • Posted September 5, 2017

5 Ways my Friends and Family are Helping my Kids While I Battle Ovarian Cancer

Battling ovarian cancer is HARD.  It’s humbling and some days it forces you to use every ounce of energy you have to lift your head off the pillow.  Ovarian cancer doesn’t discriminate and hits out of nowhere, with no warning.  As a mother of two young children, it wasn’t just difficult for me - the diagnosis, surgeries and treatment affected …

  • By Randall Kam
  • Posted September 1, 2017

Fit for the Fight: How I Ran 17 Marathons with Prostate Cancer

CANCER - I had a deep, visceral fear as my father, aunts, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, and father-in-law were stricken byt he disease over the years. In an effort to avoid being struck as well, I tried to stay healthy: running often, eating a low carb diet full of veggies and lean protein. In 2010, I took my first PSA (prostate specific antigen) …

  • By Kathryn Carr
  • Posted July 14, 2017

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga as Therapeutic Recreation

*Editor’s Note: July 8-15th is National Therapeutic Recreation Week, which aims to raise awareness of therapeutic recreation programs and services that can improve the health and well-being of individuals with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. Kathryn Carr, Ambry’s resident Marketing Specialist and yoga instructor, …

  • By Giana Stanigar
  • Posted July 7, 2017

Ambry Genetics Goes on Tour With The Mauli Ola Foundation

Every year, Ambry Genetics sponsors The Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence for individuals living with genetic diseases, specifically Cystic Fibrosis (CF). MOF harnesses the healing powers of the ocean by introducing surf and ocean-based activities as natural therapies to people all across …

  • By Carin Espenschied
  • Posted June 29, 2017

What Happens When I Get My Genetic Test Results?

*Editor's Note: This post was originally shared on June 8th, 2016 and has been updated with current information.    Learning the results of genetic testing can be a stressful experience for some, but it also has the potential to be empowering.  If you are waiting for your genetic test results to come back or are considering …

  • By Eve Mart
  • Posted June 22, 2017

Do-It-Yourself Support Systems for Cancer Survivors

  When I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, I sought out a multidisciplinary approach to battle my illness, after learning that outcomes tend to be more favorable when compared to following traditional approach. As part of this dynamic approach, I met with various medical and social services professionals. I met with a social …