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1) Genetic Testing Utilization Management: Saving Time, Saving Money, And Maximizing Clinical Utility For Patients- A Commercial Lab Experience (Chao E et al)
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2) Exome Reanalysis Results In An 8% Reclassification Rate (Hagman K et al)
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3) Practical Applications Of RNA Genetic Testing For Variant Detection And Interpretation: A Case Series (Basel D)
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4) Diagnostic Exome Sequencing In Adults With Neurological Disorders (Kirsten Blanco et al)
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5) Creating An Open-source Gene Curation Database From The Gene Curation Coalition (GenCC) (DiStefano M et al)
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6) Identification Of An Alu Insertion In MSH2 By Next-Generation Sequencing In A Family With Lynch Syndrome: An 8-year Diagnostic Odyssey (Jacquart A et al)
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Oral Presentation:

Predicted Truncating Variants In SMARCA4 May Be Innocent: The Importance Of Multi-institutional Collaboration (Witkowski Leora et al)
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We& provide direct-to-patient ordering options to have a saliva kit shipped directly to your patient!

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Unsolved Mysteries Program for +RNAinsight

Do you have a patient with a strong clinical history suggestive of hereditary cancer, but surprisingly, no identifiable genetic explanation? As part of our continued commitment to finding answers for patients and families, Ambry Genetics® is making no cost genetic testing with +RNAinsight® available for 25 selected high-risk patients with previously negative genetic test results through our Unsolved Mysteries Program. 
Submit your patient(s) by May 30, 2020 here


Other +RNAinsight Resources

To view our latest webinar on RNA genetic testing:

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+RNAinsight improves the sensitivity and clarity of genetic testing. It blog imageworks in tandem with Ambry Genetics’ DNA testing to identify patients with or at-risk for hereditary cancer who might otherwise be missed, decrease variants of unknown significance in real-time, and provide more accurate results to inform patient care.

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