Meet Raymonde Saintil: Ambry Clinical Lab Manager

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Sunday, February 11, is International Day of Girls and Women in Science and Ambry Genetics celebrates that daily. Named one of the “Best Places for Women to Work” in 2020, the women of Ambry Genetics exemplify the importance of their contribution in every role. 

One Ambry employee, Raymonde Saintil, embodies the spirit of this day with passion and enthusiasm for her work in science. Saintil discovered a natural curiosity and interest in science during a blood draw when she was seven.

“The whole experience was fascinating to me,” Saintil remembers. “The idea that the doctor had drawn my blood and, based on that, he would prescribe medication that would make me feel better was mind-blowing to me. That is when I discovered my love for science.”

Saintil grew up in Haiti. She attended Eastern Mennonite University for her bachelor’s in clinical lab science and her master's in health care administration from Capella University. Saintil then worked as a clinical lab scientist before she discovered Ambry Genetics. 

“I was looking for a new position and came across Ambry,” Saintil says. “I read the mission statement, and I knew I wanted to be part of it, so here I am, almost nine years later.” 

As the extraction and distribution clinical lab manager, Saintil collaborates with her team to ensure testing runs efficiently. “The people are amazing,” she says. “It is great to work with a group of people who truly care about their work.”

The challenges of her work in the lab inspire Saintil every day. “As scientists, we are constantly challenged to push the boundaries of our knowledge and discover creative ways to solve problems,” she says. “I find it stimulating.”

Being a woman from Haiti in the STEM field, Saintil encourages others to find their passion and go for it. “If science is what you are passionate about, do it. Also, remember it is more important to ask good questions than to have all the answers,” she says. “Finally, be curious.”

Women in science, technology, engineering, and math fields overcome obstacles every day. Raymonde Saintil represents not just women in STEM but a scientist who broke stereotypes to succeed. 

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