• By Shanna Seesz
  • Posted January 4, 2021

Ambry Genetics Named Among Best Companies for Women and Workplace Culture

Ambry Genetics has been chosen out of 60,000 companies to receive awards for both Best Company for Women and Best Company Culture by Comparably, a leading workplace culture and compensation data reporting platform. The top 50 best rankings reflect anonymous employee sentiment ratings based on compensation, team leadership, environment, outlook, …

  • By Aaron Elliott, PhD
  • Posted October 21, 2020

+RNAinsight®: Finding Answers for More Patients - A Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since we officially launched +RNAinsight, the first paired DNA/RNA genetic test for hereditary cancer. As we reach this milestone, I wanted to share with you why we set out to launch this product and reflect on our progress in finding more answers for patients. Ambry Genetics was founded with …

  • By Jessica Profato, MS, CGC
  • Posted August 25, 2020

Neurology Test Menu Update

Available for samples received on/after August 31, 2020 We have updated our neurology test menu to provide more streamlined, up-to-date, and clinically relevant testing options to healthcare providers and patients. Contact your regional Account Executive or Genomic Science Liaison for more information. New Tests Test Name Test Code Description Genes Test …

  • By Ambry Genetics
  • Posted August 4, 2020

Contribution of Germline Predisposition Gene Mutations to Clinical Subtypes of Breast Cancer

Ambry Genetics and the Mayo Clinic recently collaborated on the publication of “The Contribution of Germline Predisposition Gene Mutations to Clinical Subtypes of Invasive Breast Cancer from a Clinical Genetic Testing Cohort” in JNCI: The Journal of the National Cancer Institute (April 2020). Interested in hearing about the study from one …

  • By Alice Lam
  • Posted July 22, 2020

Hereditary Cancer Testing Menu Update

NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS ON/AFTER JULY 22ND We are refreshing our hereditary cancer test menu based on the latest medical management guidelines, clinical literature, and customer feedback to deliver the most up-to-date, clinically relevant testing options to healthcare providers and patients. Contact your regional Account Executive or Genomic …

  • By Mary Pritzlaff, MS, CGC
  • Posted June 15, 2020

Study Finds Key Predictors of Positive Genetic Test Results in Men with Prostate Cancer

Genetic testing can identify men with prostate cancer who have pathogenic variants in genes associated with hereditary cancer. Results of genetic testing may be useful to inform treatment and management, identify men who are at greater risk for aggressive prostate cancer, and provide information about increased risks for other cancers for both …

  • By Ambry Genetics
  • Posted May 1, 2020

Ambry Genetics Virtual Booth ACMG 2020

Thank you for stopping by! Below you will find information on our research that was accepted by ACMG, along with some new and exciting things happening at Ambry. We hope that you are staying safe and healthy. Research Posters: 1) Genetic Testing Utilization Management: Saving Time, Saving Money, And Maximizing Clinical Utility For Patients- …

  • By Tyler Landrith, PhD
  • Posted March 5, 2020

Study Published in Nature Partner Journal Precision Oncology Confirms Clinical Utility of Simultaneous RNA and DNA Genetic Testing

DNA-based multigene panel testing (MGPT) is a commonly used approach for the detection of patients with or at-risk for inherited cancers.  Despite years of advancement in genetic testing, patients may still receive uncertain results or receive a negative result despite having a personal or family history suggestive of hereditary cancer.  RNA …

  • By Andy Castro
  • Posted February 25, 2020

When Moments Matter, ExomeNext-Rapid Finds Answers

Quite often there is the connotation that Diagnostic Exome Sequencing (DES) is too slow, examines too many genes, is too expensive, and has limited clinical utility. Ambry Genetics counters those thoughts about DES with our ExomeNext-Rapid test (Test Code: 9999R).  Ambry’s recent, peer-reviewed publication demonstrates how Rapid Diagnostic …

  • By Holly LaDuca, MS, CGC
  • Posted January 7, 2020

Study Demonstrates that RNA Genetic Testing Reduces Inconclusive Results Providing More Clarity to Patients and Healthcare Providers

Genetic testing plays a critical role in the delivery of personalized medicine. Take, for instance, hereditary cancer, where genetic testing can help inform treatment and other management decisions for both individuals with an active cancer diagnosis and those at an increased risk for cancer. For the latter, genetic testing helps minimize their …