• By Deepti Babu, MS, CGC
  • Posted January 21, 2016

Advocacy groups: I got more out of it than they did

Several years ago when I was a new genetic counselor, doe-eyed and fresh out of grad school, I made sure certain topics came up in every session I had with a family. I covered the facts: the family history I’d collected, a review of genetic patterns, and any genetic testing options the family needed to consider. I’d usually write down notes…

  • By Dr. Robina Smith
  • Posted January 7, 2016

6 questions to ask your doctor about your cancer diagnosis

Doubt, anger and confusion. These are understandable feelings to have, if you or someone close to you discovers that you/they have cancer, or may carry genes that increase the risk for cancer. What does that mean? What happens now? What is cancer? You may have been given unexpected news and may not know where to turn, who to see, or what to ask.…