• By Alice Lam
  • Posted July 22, 2020

Hereditary Cancer Testing Menu Update

NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS ON/AFTER JULY 22ND We are refreshing our hereditary cancer test menu based on the latest medical management guidelines, clinical literature, and customer feedback to deliver the most up-to-date, clinically relevant testing options to healthcare providers and patients. Contact your regional Account Executive or Genomic…

  • By Eve Mart
  • Posted June 28, 2016

What did Cancer Teach Me?

It might seem difficult to comprehend, but I think cancer taught me a number of profound life lessons that few people realize until it’s too late. I don’t think I stand alone in that thought. In the face of breast cancer, I’ve seen many women show remarkable strength and do things even they never thought they could do. “You never know how…

  • By Eve Mart
  • Posted May 5, 2016

Fear of Recurrence and Mortality

I would imagine it’s normal to face some degree of depression, anxiety, and fear when cancer becomes a part of your life. I have always felt lucky that my cancer was caught early enough that the doctors were able to get it all out with my surgery and 8 chemotherapy treatments. I continued to undergo ovarian cancer screening until having a bilateral…

  • By Theresa Smith
  • Posted January 14, 2016

Watching and Waiting for Cancer

So I met all the doctors. What now? All the information and options were given to me, and it was overwhelming, to say the least. I was considering both preventive surgeries (full hysterectomy and preventive bilateral mastectomy (PBM) with reconstruction). I was playing the “odds versus timing” game in my head: “If I wait until I’m X years…

  • By Theresa Smith
  • Posted December 29, 2015

Now that I know my DNA is messed up, what do I do next?

Sharing the news about my test results with my immediate family was tough. I'll offer some thoughts here based on my experience, but you'll know what works best for you. The adult conversations I had ended up with me being asked a lot of questions, and I didn't even yet know the answers. If this happens to you, you could consider sending adult…