Why we Believe in the Power of Patient Voices

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At Ambry Genetics, we appreciate our collective tribe of scientists, researchers, and academics who focus on uncovering the ‘how’s and ‘what’s in the world of genetics.

However, we also strongly believe that the community within our industry, and their stories, are the why behind what we do. Whether you are a patient, healthcare provider, physician, or researcher; as humans, we connect with stories of truth, struggle, perseverance, and genuine hope. That is why we encourage both patients and healthcare providers to contribute to our blog - to make sure their perspective and stories are broadcast to a larger audience.

We created a space that not only celebrates unique testimonials from patients but also encourages healthcare professionals to share their expertise and best practices for further education and awareness. We do this because the art of story-telling evokes strength, provides courage, and inspires others living with disease to feel empowered. Ambry cannot and will not find the answers on our own.

As a cystic fibrosis wife-to-be, my fiancé and I find ourselves constantly searching for new friendships online and through social media, to give and receive support. Through these new connections, we have had the opportunity to learn more about the disease on a personal level, tips and tricks on better care and how to become our own health advocate. Most importantly, we learn how to remain positive in states of hopelessness.

Pamela B. Rutledge, Ph.D., M.B.A and Director of Media Psychology Research Center, says, “Stories are the pathway to engaging our right brain and triggering our imagination. By engaging our imagination, we become participants in the narrative. We can step out of our own shoes, see differently, and increase our empathy for others. Through imagination, we tap into creativity that is the foundation of innovation, self-discovery and change.”

Ambry’s Patient Blog has people around the world learning, crying, laughing, and empathizing together. The words that have been shared by patients and doctors have a powerful effect on others’ fights and healing journeys. These stories are what give the science and data true meaning. Knowing that the research they conduct has a direct connection to a human fighting for their life motivates our scientists to find answers. Finding answers means taking steps closer to cures and laying human disease to rest. A world with no disease promises less struggle for our future children and a large step towards human evolution.

Are you someone touched by genetics and the patient community? We would love to hear from you! Join us in sharing your narrative and raising our voice. We are putting out a special call for stories to be published at the end of September as part of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer week, Please fill out this form and email it to tau@ambrygen.com and we will continue to bring the global genetic disease community together.

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