• By Tara Namey, MS, LCGC
  • Posted February 10, 2023

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Tara and Elia Namey Advance Women in STEM Leadership

Elia Namey discusses Disparities in the Uptake of Cascade Testing. February 11 is recognized as International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Ambry feels privileged to have many women in high positions leading the company’s scientific progress. To celebrate, we’re introducing one of the women who leads the way in genetics at Ambry…

  • By Aaron Schmidt
  • Posted January 12, 2017

How Can You Use Social Media To Find Support And Resources

Editor's Note: At this time of reflection as we begin the new year, we are re-posting this piece by an expert in digital media/communications to offer you guidance when navigating social media during a journey with cancer or other health issue. Today, hectic work schedules and other increasing demands on everyone’s time mean we are…

  • By Bill Rotter
  • Posted December 29, 2016

Let's Not Forget The Cancer Caregivers

Having been diagnosed as a male with breast cancer almost three years ago to the day, I often reflect on how that diagnosis has changed my life forever. There was an immediate emotional impact that I felt that day, one I will never forget. I am quite sure that unless you have experienced the cancer journey, its many steps along the way are difficult…

  • By Eve Mart
  • Posted December 15, 2016

Not Just For the Holidays: Thoughtful Gifts for Breast Cancer Patients

This past year I had the honor of being selected as a Miami “Model of Courage” (MOC) for the Ford Warriors in Pink (WIP) campaign. As their mission statement says, “Ford Warriors in Pink is dedicated to helping those touched by breast cancer,through actions that support, inspire and empower patients, survivors and co-survivors throughout…

  • By Aaron Schmidt
  • Posted August 11, 2016

How Can You Use Social Media

Today, thanks to hectic work schedules and other increasing demands on everyone’s time, we are turning to social media for human interaction outside of the workplace. In turn, social media has become an important place for many to find others they can bond with over shared interests and experiences. As blogger Eve Mart pointed out earlier this…

  • By Eve Mart
  • Posted August 9, 2016

Why Social Media Is Important For People With Breast Cancer

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t read many blogs or follow people’s cancer experiences on social media, but I do see the value in them. Networks built around cancer – whether through Facebook, Twitter, blogs or hosted communities – have a particularly active presence in healthcare social media. During the past few years, through Facebook,…

  • By Eve Mart
  • Posted July 19, 2016

Relearning to Balance

After cancer treatment, I was so relieved to be finished with the demands of treatment and ready to put the experience behind me. Ironically, I found myself feeling uncertain with what my future held. I was so fixated on a magic number… five years. In my mind, if I could just get five years out from treatment, I would be magically cured and the…

  • By Jessica Profato, MS, CGC
  • Posted March 31, 2016

Patient Advocacy Groups: How Can They Help?

In several of our posts, the importance of support throughout one’s cancer journey has been discussed. Eve Mart has discussed how she received support from friends and family following her diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as her experience providing support to others. We’ve also offered thoughts from a healthcare provider’s perspective,…

  • By Eve Mart
  • Posted March 29, 2016

Peer Support

I hadn’t set out to be the “go-to-girl” for all things breast cancer, but when you’re faced with a challenge and come out on the other side fairing pretty well, I think people trust you. Maybe they’re just looking for positive support wherever they can, when they find themselves in a similarly difficult spot. It starts with a phone call,…

  • By Deepti Babu, MS, CGC
  • Posted March 17, 2016

The Buddy System: It Works for Hereditary Cancer, Too ( original)

We’ve covered a lot of territory with this blog, so thank you for coming on the ride with us. Theresa Smith recently talked about her experience of sharing her genetic test results with her family, and we offered a genetic counselor’s perspective on the same idea. This time, we’re focusing more on you – we’re exploring the idea of building…