• By Giana Stanigar
  • Posted July 7, 2017

Ambry Genetics Goes on Tour With The Mauli Ola Foundation

Every year, Ambry Genetics sponsors The Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence for individuals living with genetic diseases, specifically Cystic Fibrosis (CF). MOF harnesses the healing powers of the ocean by introducing surf and ocean-based activities as natural therapies to people all across…

  • By Jackie Connor
  • Posted May 8, 2017

Mauli Ola Foundation’s Surf Experience Day Tour Kicks Off in Honolulu

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a progressive genetic disease that causes chronic lung infections and, over time, limits a person’s ability to breathe. More than 30,000 people in the United States are living with CF and about 1,000 new cases of CF are diagnosed every year. In 2006, a group of researchers based in Australia noticed that people who have…

  • By Jacqueline Washle
  • Posted May 4, 2017

Surfing with a Purpose: How the Mauli Ola Foundation Helps People with Cystic Fibrosis

Editor’s Note: In honor of Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, we asked Jacqueline Washle, Ambry’s Community Outreach Manager, to tell us about the Mauli Ola Foundation, which supports people with cystic fibrosis and other inherited conditions as part of its mission. Did you know that going to the beach is not only a fun pastime for…

  • By Jackie Connor
  • Posted December 18, 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Battle for the Breasts Winners!

The Mauli Ola Foundation has announced the winning team of their 3rd annual Battle for the Breasts (B4TB) online surf contest, as of the end of October, which was also Breast Cancer Awareness month. As a proud sponsor of the competition, Ambry would like to congratulate the winning team of professional surfer, Dimity Stoyle of Maroochydore, Queensland,…

  • By Jackie Connor
  • Posted October 20, 2016

Ambry Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout October

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Ambry is proud to support many non-profit foundations and organizations, including the Mauli Ola Foundation’s 3rd annual Battle for the Breasts (B4TB). The B4TB is an online surf contest featuring 16 professional women surfers who are each paired with cancer clinics and/or foundations. Each surfer…